About Our Journey

Charlie was born at the end of May in 2012. I was hospitalized with severe early onset preeclampsia at 24 weeks. Due to complications, I had an emergency c-section the day Charlie reached twenty six weeks gestation.

NICU Diaper ChangeShe weighed 790 grams (a little under one pound, twelve ounces) at birth. She was tough and fought hard.

After 88 days in the NICU, she was well enough to come home. We (my husband and I) were led to believe that the story was to end happily ever after. I thought leaving the NICU meant that we were to get on with the “regular” baby experience we planned. I believed that Charlie’s extremely premature birth was to become a distant memory.

Not so much. My calendar is full of appointments with specialists and therapists. Charlie is delayed and struggles to meet milestones. We fear the sound of a cough. Feeding is a challenge. This is not at all what the baby books prepared me for.

Charlie turned two last May.

I started the blog when Charlie turned one. Before that, I logged everything on Facebook and Tumblr. I hope one day to be able to show Charlie how far she has come. In addition, I enjoy and learn from reading other blogs by parents of kids with special needs.  This blog may be my way to pass that torch on.


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