13 Pictures That Explain Why You Should Support UVA Children’s Hospital


  1. It was the first place to give us hope when we realized NICU discharge was only the end of the beginning.

ankle foot orthotics

2. Because these AFOs allowed her to learn to walk.


3. Because sometimes they have therapy dogs hanging out when she goes to see her doctors.


4. Because they gave her that purple dinosaur when she was scared.


5. Because sometimes she runs into her friend from the NICU…


6. …And they play.

7. Because the doctors never tire of playing peek a boo with her and this curtain.


8. Because these guys ensure her orthotics are always perfect.


9. Because the nurses make sure she has her Doc McStuffins blanket no matter what.


10. Because ChildLife provides plenty of toys for her to play with.


11. Because she doesn’t know being in the hospital is a bad thing.

12. Because now, she can sing, dance, run, jump, play, laugh, yell, and grow. All the things we weren’t sure she would do in the beginning.

 If you’d like to support UVA Children’s Hospital through Madithon’s Team Charlie, you can do so here.

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