1) Is “Charlie” really Charlie’s name?

Yes, Charlie’s legal name is “Charlie”. It is not short for Charlotte, Charlene, or anything else. She was named after a couple of my dearest who both happen to be named Charles.

2) You mention products or services on your blog. Are you paid or compensated for the posts?

No, my blog is not for commercial purposes. It is a place for me to rant, celebrate, connect, and start conversations. Initially, I tried to avoid using the names of the products or services I wrote about. However, other parents asked for more information or for suggestions. I decided to save everyone time and use the names of the things I REALLY like.

3) What issues does Charlie struggle with?

Charlie has a variety of diagnoses including mild cerebral palsy, failure to thrive, and chronic lung disease. At different points of the journey, we’ve had different concerns. The sensory and motor issues have improved vastly over the last two years. Currently, Charlie’s biggest struggles are with speech, feeding, and fine motor skills.

4) Why do you plan to stop blogging when Charlie turns three?

I set the deadline for many reasons. I want Charlie to have her privacy. I wish to move beyond our experience as a micro preemie family. I plan to move on to other pursuits and interests. Blogging is something I do to help me cope with our new world and I hope not to need it for much longer.


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