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A Day In The Park

Charlie cut her first tooth last night!

After a crazy night, we visited James River State Park. It was our thirteenth Virginia State Park. Charlie was busy playing most of the morning and early afternoon. Because she and I were alone, I did not get to take many pictures.

These are the pictures that I took…


There was a kids’ exploration area. Charlie practiced her standing (as suggested by the PT yesterday) in the stump garden. She also played with the drums, climbed on the logs, and played in the sand pit that was in the kids’ area.


She had her first fudgesicle and impromptu feeding therapy.

We wrapped things up by playing by the river.

park3 park4 park1

The Difference Early Intervention Makes

Charlie’s first birthday is less than a week away. I wanted to see how far she has progressed and grown during her first year. I looked through the pics and videos that I have posted on Facebook.

Obviously, she has grown quite a bit since the NICU. In addition, Charlie has made amazing progress in a way that may not be obvious to others. Her motor skills have drastically improved.

In a video taken in mid December (she was four months adjusted age), Charlie was unable to use her arms or legs. (I will post the video after writing this.) At that point, Charlie had only begun PT. Clearly, something was not right.

In desperation, I posted on a special needs parents board. I explained my situation and asked the parents what advice they had for me. Early Intervention and seeing a developmental pediatrician were both suggested repeatedly.

I followed the advice. I had to. It is what I needed to do to be OK if she doesn’t catch up. I knew there was a problem. I could not pretend it was not happening. If I ignored it, she would pay the price for the comfort of my own denial.

For six months, she has been in Early Intervention (PT, OT, and Speech/feeding) while being followed by a developmental pediatrician. We still do not know the etiology of her developmental delay. She is still developmentally delayed. However, she is making amazing progress. Yesterday, she commando crawled for the first time.

Early Intervention has made all the difference for Charlie. I am unsure she would have progressed as far with out it.

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