The Good, The Bad, And Charlie’s Hair Cut

The past week or so has been rather uneventful in our world. Nevertheless, there have been things to celebrate, things to curse, and well… Charlie’s odd hair cut.

The good things: First, the letter of medical necessity did the trick. Charlie’s insurance finally approved coverage of her formula. Second, this is the last week of my doxycycline prescription (which means I can safely endure sun exposure again in a few days). Finally, Charlie has been progressing forward in her skill set (most noticeably in gross motor skills).

The bad thing: The Medicaid waiver process was a nightmare that included lost files, lost applications, and an overworked social services office. But, it was nothing that an entire afternoon spent at the social services office couldn’t put back on track.

Charlie’s odd hair cut: Charlie does not like having her hair cut. She alternates between thrashing her head forward and backwards and shaking it side to side while saying “No, no, no, no!” I decided to just cut her hair at home after the first time she did this at the hair dresser and got a bad hair cut. For her last few haircuts, I cut her hair and it kind of worked.

Charlie’s dad wanted to see if he could do better. Even though I warned him, I don’t think he was expecting her dramatics. His first cut was a clump of bangs almost at the hair line. He was horrified. I laughed and reminded him that it will grow back.  Now, Charlie has extremely short bangs and will probably get professional haircuts from this point forward.

10516801_10101841657690099_6673137201984723772_n 10458551_10101841657695089_2865358064653152676_n

Charlie went to the county fair this week. She had her first frozen banana and played in a baby pool filled with corn.


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6 responses to “The Good, The Bad, And Charlie’s Hair Cut

  • Christine

    My daughter doesn’t have a problem with haircuts but I know a lot of people who’s kids hate them. With a passion. There is a lady who professionally cuts hair but one Sunday a month does a special hair cutting thing at a local group.

    Everyone is invited but it is especially for kids who have sensory issues. She keeps it very low key and quiet. There is usually people waiting but she had a way amd makes most kids happy. Maybe something like that would work.

    The parents I know that’s kids have gone have been very pleased.


    • Rebecca Wood

      This is a wonderful suggestion. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I will have to ask and look around the area. If anything, to spare Charlie from another hair cut like this one. Thanks so much!


  • theblackberryboys

    Hurray for getting the coverage for her formula. and also hurray for progressing forward in gross motor skills. I don’t know why toddlers hate hair cuts. My older one hated it and now the little one hates it. Maybe the next haircut will be better 🙂 The frozen banana looks good! We have been having formula problems this week. The one he was drinking is suddenly discontinued, so now I need to find a new one. I got a prescription yesterday for a new one but it was for 5 boxes. I got it at the pharmacy and now BB#2 is not willing to drink it 😦 Now I have 5 boxes of it and still the problem of finding a new formula that he is willing to drink 😦


    • Rebecca Wood

      Ugh! Isn’t that the worst? You find something that works but they won’t drink it.
      Personally, I am not a fan of the formula search. Will this one taste disgusting? If not, will she throw it up? Is it affordable? I”m sending good vibes that it gets worked out quickly.


  • steevbeed

    Some hairdressers in the UK are happy to to open up early or fit in a quick cut after the doors lock when the shop is empty and quiter, which is less stressful all round(including for them) it could be worth asking around. Her hair looks fine by the way.


  • A Miracle In the Works

    Yay for the formula coverage! We had my hairs stylist come to the house to cut roo’s hair. It helped but she still hates it.


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