The Week Without Therapy

For over a year, Charlie has attended at least one therapy appointment every week. Now, she has therapy four out five days during the work week. Mix in the appointments with the specialists and it becomes A LOT.

I’ve heard of and talked to parents whose kids have taken breaks from therapy. From time to time, I’ve secretly fantasized about it. But, I was afraid to. I didn’t want to miss out on opportunities. After some thought, I decided Charlie and I would take this week off of therapy.

It has been wonderful.

Rest assured, we aren’t sitting around the house and watching TV. We are getting out and doing things on our accord. We have no schedule to keep or places we have to be. We aren’t thinking about the goals she needs to work on. The freedom and relaxation has been fabulous. It’s like we’ve been on a vacation of sorts.

We are only midway through the week and are having a fabulous time.

10346059_10101693888695349_3650773928070987725_n 10295735_10101693889877979_2845919284104247493_n

Pictures from part of today’s adventure. It was Charlie’s first time on the playground merry go round.


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5 responses to “The Week Without Therapy

  • C

    What a little cutie! Good on you for taking a week break!

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  • LindaGHill

    Very very cute! In my experience, sometimes they learn more when they take a break. Not sure why. Also, the warmer weather seems conducive to learning in all kids. Summers are when they’re especially sponge-like in what they pick up.
    Glad you had a fun day at the park!


  • Melanie

    4 of 5 days? I often wonder if we’re doing enough for our little miss. Maybe she’s still too young developmentally for such an intensive schedule? Mind if I ask how you arrived at the number of appts and whether it started young or has always been this many?


    • Rebecca Wood

      Charlie is really behind in speech and feeding. It is suspected apraxia. Because of this, her doctor prescribed speech twice a week. She has OT and PT. Also, she has music therapy.

      Her developmental pediatrician makes suggestions, recommendations, and prescribes the speech, OT, and PT.

      Charlie had one appointment a week until she was ten months. We added the music therapy about then. So she had two a week. Things kicked into high gear at about 18 months.

      Did I answer what you wanted to know?


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