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state park hikeToday, Charlie and I scrapped our scheduled plans. I suppose I had a little bit of spring fever or felt a little burnt out. Whatever it was, I looked at the calendar this morning and was uninterested in the day’s activities.

At first, I was tempted to stay home and read. We are taking a second crack at sign language with Charlie. I thought about using the day to learn more signs.

But, Charlie has been obsessed with going outside. She tries to open the exterior doors saying “Ah Sye!” Charlie even attempts to convince her therapists to go outside instead of therapy.

The next state park on our list has been at the top for some time. Its visit was delayed due to lousy weather and my March of Dimes activities. Considering everything, I decided today was a good day to finally check it out.

outdoor babyThe outing turned out to be one of those trips that was flawless. The drive there was relaxed and uncomplicated. We arrived and had to decide what to do first.

Charlie played on the park’s playground before she walked her first trail without a stroller. She loved her new freedom and bent over frequently to examine things. Afterwards, she played in the sand on the shore of the Potomac. We wrapped up the day with another hike.

The weather was gorgeous, the park wasn’t crowded, and we saw plenty of wildlife. I love our state parks and always enjoy our time at each one. However, there are some parks that are far better than I anticipate them to be. On the right day (like today), the experience is almost magical.

baby and duck wild life



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One response to “Stumbled Upon Magic

  • J

    I love, love, love your state parks idea – visiting them all with Charlie. What a brilliant way to spend time with your daughter!


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