First Week of Speech Therapy

Charlie had her first speech therapy sessions with her new program yesterday and today. I am hopeful she will benefit and make progress.

Charlie’s new speech therapy program is located in a local university. The therapist is a graduate student who works under close observation (watched on camera) by a speech professional (her instructor). At the end of the session, the student and professional discuss their insights and therapy plans with me.

During the past two days, the therapist got to know Charlie and observed her speech through play. The real work starts next week. I am interested to see how it goes.

During next week’s sessions, Charlie will have to ask for what she wants using PECS. Also, she will begin working on speech sounds. I hope that it doesn’t take long for Charlie to catch on. But, I’m also prepared for it to be a lengthy process.

Charlie’s speech and feeding have been the most frustrating of her delays. Mainly, because I have no idea how to help her. With her fine and gross motor skills, I could use hand over hand to guide her through movements until she was able to perform them on her own. I don’t know how to do something similar when speech and feeding is involved. It is a discouraging and helpless feeling.

I really hope this program works. I am out of ideas of what else to do.

playground OT

Charlie’s last OT session was at a park.





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2 responses to “First Week of Speech Therapy

  • NewMom

    Robert has to go to speech therapy too! Our first appointment is in about a week. I am SO nervous mainly because he is so active, I am worried he won’t sit and do anything with the speech therapist. Can I ask what they have you doing? Maybe if I practice before we go he wont totally ignore the person. -SIGH- He says “that” and “dad”. He did start saying “gold” for goldfish the past few days, so at least that’s something.

    I know it’s in there, he is just too busy trying to unlock the baby gate to talk 😉 If you go by his adjusted age, he isn’t quite behind yet, but we are jumping on this early since his motor skills are not delayed.


    • Rebecca Wood

      Rest easy, Charlie is incredibly active and they are great with her. I assume they see a lot of energetic toddlers. Mostly, they play with her and try to get her to talk. If she wants a toy or snack, she has to try to say the word or point to the PEC.


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