Last Week’s Speech Assessment

Last week, Charlie had her speech and language assessment at the university (my alma mater) where she will receive her speech therapy. Other than it feeling incredibly strange to wheel a baby through the same building where I attended classes, the day went really well.

The first part of the evaluation addressed her hearing. Charlie was not exactly cooperative for this portion. She fussed and pulled the instrumentation out of her ears. However, the audiologists concluded that Charlie’s hearing is about average.

Next, her speech and language was evaluated. This part required Charlie to play with the examiner. She laughed and excitedly clapped as she played with the doting students who examined her.

Finally, the speech pathologist discussed the results of the exam with me. She thought Charlie may have dysarthria instead of apraxia. Dysarthria, she explained, is sometimes seen in kids like Charlie that have cerebral palsy and/or PVL.

Ultimately, the speech pathologist agreed with the developmental pediatrician’s recommendations of speech therapy twice a week. Additionally, she discussed the option of teaching Charlie to use PECS.

When the use of PECS was mentioned, I realized this was a long term issue that would not clear up with a few months of intensive speech therapy. My heart sank a little and I sighed out a bit of the hope I had been holding on to.

Despite that it was a long term issue, I felt the day went well. Everyone agreed that Charlie’s expressive speech was significantly delayed and there was a consensus on treatment.

Afterwards, I took Charlie to the children’s museum to burn off her last bit of energy.

There were some noisy kids at the children's museum that Charlie did not approve of.

There were some noisy kids at the children’s museum that Charlie did not approve of.


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2 responses to “Last Week’s Speech Assessment

  • A Miracle In the Works

    I’m so glad that the evaluation went well. I’m definitely interested in learning more as your journey continues.

    Even tho Roo doesn’t have a diagnoses speech delay, she definitely does. I need to blog about what we’ve been doing. I’m really intrigued by the PECS. I think that could be useful in our house to prevent many tantrums caused by not being able to communicate….

    Go Charlie!!


    • Rebecca Wood

      I am interested in seeing how the PECS work out for us as well. Charlie does a great job with her non verbal communication. She does use a few signs but the use of sign language is limited by her motor skills. Maybe PECS will be a better route for us.


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