The Kindness Of Strangers

I had previously written a post about my entry into the Virginia State Parks photo contest. Like most tasks in life, I got far more out of the contest than its intended purpose.

In the previous post, I described making the realization of the amazing people that I’m lucky to have in my daily life. This weekend, I realized there are many strangers routing for us as well. I am humbled and in awe by the kindness shown by people who don’t know us or don’t have to care.

In addition to people who shared our story and wrangled up votes, I’ve received some very kind and loving messages. People let me know they voted, wished me luck, encouraged me, and…  I received this blog comment:

I saw your post and your story through a friend, so I shared with my friends and asked them to share with theirs. Then I shared it with a little local Mom networking group…. You have an incredible number of people out there (here) routing for you and your family. There will be experiences you may never get back from being a micro preemie Mom, but here’s hoping you’ll get to experience something exceptional for just being an amazing Mom. Good Luck.

Later, WordPress informed me the posts, A Truly Random Act Of Kindness and The Things We Do For Love + Random Act linked back to my blog.  After reading the post, I was blown away. I could hardly believe it.

Who are all these wonderful people that care so much about a total stranger? How are they so empathetic to a stranger’s life?

The contest has been back and forth for days. It has been a tough battle. I have no idea if we’ll win the contest.

While I would like to win the week long cabin stay (it would be a dream), I won’t be crushed if I don’t. My experience in the contest has shown me how many other people care. When you add Charlie to that, I feel like I have already won.

To everyone that reached out to us and those that took a second out of their day to hit vote, thank you. You will never know how much it meant to me.


This is another picture I took of Charlie while hiking that day. The contest ends Wednesday, 1/8 at 11:59 PM. If you’d like to vote, you can do so by clicking vote on the contest page located here. You can vote once every twenty four hours.

About Rebecca Wood

In May 2012, my pregnancy ended three and a half months early due to severe early onset preeclampsia. This is my collection of thoughts and media. It is an attempt to document and discuss our experience of navigating the post NICU world. View all posts by Rebecca Wood

7 responses to “The Kindness Of Strangers

  • Danielle

    Sometimes good things happen to good people…. in fact, a lot of times, amazing things happen to amazing people – especially the ones who are too busy being awesome to even realize that just being themselves is gift enough to the little people in their lives 🙂


  • Danielle

    And I should add…. people can forget how contagious doing good can be. Everyone focuses on negative stuff and assumes that it attracts itself. Truth be told – being positive, supporting and just randomly kind is even more contagious and the excitement of seeing your numbers go up and up just has people coming back for more.


  • shannon

    Hi there, I live in Canada and saw your post through a mama group I’m apart of. Not only that I’m also the mum of a preemie who had a struggle at first but is now a beautiful smart 20 month old (17 months corrected). Anyways I just wanted to share that your story has touched many of us out here through social media. We all hope you win the contest but if you don’t, your doing an amazing job mama keep it up


  • Sarah

    Hi “Woodland Creature’s” mom. My name is Sarah, and I am the other high voting opponent in the VA State Parks first day hike contest (“Best friends that hike together…”). My husband (in the photo) and I decided to lay off the voting spree and concede before this contest has ended. It should all be in good fun anyway, and we had a lot of fun rallying our FB friends and co-workers to vote for us. You were such a tough opponent, matching us vote for vote or out voting us, that I had to do some Googling to see what who I was up against! After reading your blog about Charlie, my husband and I have decided that your family deserves a cabin stay more than we do. Parenting in so hard, and you’ve had a bit more on your plate than your average parent has. You were such a touch opponent, and Charlie deserves the win! I am a new mother myself, and I just couldn’t continue on for the win after reading your blog. Warm hugs to you and Charlie from Elsa (my daughter) and I. If you ever want to say hello, you can reach us over at Have a great cabin stay!


    • Becca

      We were wondering the same thing… we were like… who are these people? How can they possibly know so many people? I just took a short visit to your blog and the pictures posted are beautiful. Anyhow, if you read this post… you know what a strange and unbelievable contest this has been for us. I have never been on the receiving end of such extraordinary kindness… and that includes yours. I hope you guys win the lodge stay so you can have all of your out of town family visit. Many hugs to you, your husband, your animals, and , of course, Elsa. Maybe, we can meet up for a hike one day.


      • Danielle

        Sarah you are awesome and amazing for joining in this avalanche of kindness. I look forward to following your adventures on your blog… and should you ever need a little boost in your next photo contest, but sure to put up the bat signal. You have a crew of Canadians who would be delighted to support in in thanks for the kindness you too have shown a stranger. This has been an incredible and fun experience. Thank You both for a wild ride.


  • courtney

    I have been following this contest for the past couple of days due to the mama’s group I am a part of in Burlington, Ontario. First off, Becca, I think your story is incredible and Charlie is inspiring (my sister lost her little guy at 28 weeks- so she really is a miracle) and I hope you enjoy that wonderful cabin trip. Second, I want to say how wonderful it is that Sarah has reached out and has given her support to you as well. Very classy and admirable 🙂 It would be wonderful if you guys could meet up one day for a hike in the woods. Best of luck to you.


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