Halloween Weekend

We were incredibly busy (but in a good way) this weekend. Maybe we were over zealous because it is our first Halloween weekend out of isolation. Or possibly, BearCreekLakeeverything just happened to be scheduled this weekend. Despite being hectic, it was a great weekend.

On Saturday morning, Charlie and I squeezed in a quick hike at Bear Creek Lake State Park. For those of you counting, that makes 18… half way there! It was the first time this year the weather was below freezing but Charlie did not seem to mind.  She was pretty cozy in her blanket nest.

Later, we had the honor of attending my friend’s son and Charlie’s friend’s first birthday party. I adore this family and feel privileged whenever I’m invited to celebrate with them. In additon, the one year old is the first baby that Charlie had played with. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow together. Afterwards, my friend presented me with an amazing gift she made (in the picture). She is working on a set for Charlie. I love the gift. blocks

We wrapped up our crazy weekend by having lunch today with a couple of our friends. One, of which, was gracious enough to accompany us to the Preemies Today Halloween Party this evening.

This is a side note for my preemie parent readers: If you have not heard of Preemies Today, it is a wonderful non profit. It was an easy way for me to connect with other preemie parents and the preemie community. I am glad that we connected with the group shortly after Charlie’s birth.

charlie_editedBack on topic, the Halloween party was really fun. It was run really well. There were so many cute kids in costumes. Charlie rode a train and carousel for the first time.

There is a strange feeling I get whenever I attend a preemie event. I feel an overwhelming sense of relief and have to fight back tears. The tears are not sad tears but more of a release. These are the people who understand and are on similar journeys. Like it or not, we fit here.

I am unsure if I am explaining it adequately. All I know is, right now, I need these events. Mostly, so that we can feel “normal” for a couple of hours.

photo 2


Charlie waved to her dad every time the carousel came around.


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