Halloween Judgement

While Charlie napped, I happened to come across  this article. The short rant criticizes teenagers who trick or treat because they are too old for trick or treating. The article remarks that babies are too young to enjoy it. There are a few reasons why I find the article to be bothersome.

  • Halloween is supposed to be fun. There will be the teenagers too old to trick or treat and the over enthusiastic first time parent with an infant. Smile and give these people candy. It is a holiday, not a stringent selection process.
  • We plan on trick or treating with Charlie for the first time this year. If she had been term, she would be able to meet the author’s rigid criteria for trick or treating appropriateness.  She would most likely walk and say the words “trick or treat”. But, that is not how things worked out for us. Charlie still enjoys doing things with other kids and will appreciate the adventure. If we should knock on the door of someone like the author, I plan on ignoring the criticism and smiling sweetly. Obviously, they are clueless to the special needs realm.
  • Not every child is “typical”. Charlie looks and has the physical abilities of a younger child while her mind is more advanced. There are other kids that are large for their age, can not wear a costume due to sensory issues, or may have some other issue that is invisible. These kids like trick or treating as well. It is not easy being different. This particular article is another reason why.

Ultimately, it is an individual’s choice whether or not to hand out candy on Halloween. If one chooses to participate, pass out the candy freely and have fun. The snotty judgmental alpha posturing is best left for reality TV stars.

Charlie and Kaia dressed up for Halloween last year.

Charlie and Kaia dressed up for Halloween last year.


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