Flu Shot Frustrations

As I headed out the door to Charlie’s last appointment with her pediatrician, my husband called out that his insurance covered flu shots at the local pharmacy. That statement had unintended consequences involved in the quest to obtain Charlie’s flu vaccine. I wish I had not heard it.

The pediatrician offered the flu vaccine during Charlie’s last visit. After a year of vaccinations, epo injections, and Synagis injections, Charlie has finally warmed up to her pediatrician. Because of this, I opted to go the pharmacy route my husband mentioned earlier that morning. Silly me, I wanted Charlie to have a good visit with her doctor.

At the pharmacy, I filled out the paperwork. The pharmacist scanned the forms and explained that they do not give flu shots to children under eighteen. No problem, I will call the pediatrician and make an appointment.

Unfortunately, Charlie’s pediatrician was booked until mid November. I spoke with her pediatrician and asked if Charlie could get her flu vaccine at an urgent care clinic. The pediatrician approved and asked that I supply her with documentation afterwards.

Today, I took Charlie to the local urgent care clinic. The receptionist notified me that they will not give flu shots to those under eighteen. She explained that the clinic no longer accepted doctors orders for those under eighteen either.

After the rejection, I called the pediatrician’s office. Fortuitously, they had a cancellation for tomorrow and I snatched up the appointment.

Thankfully, Charlie will get her flu shot.

Moral of this story: Take it when it is offered.

Photo credit: Monica DeMariano

Photo credit: Monica DeMariano


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