The Miracle Workers

Charlie had the anticipated appointment with the developmental clinic today. She was evaluated by a PT, an OT, and a speech therapist. When the evaluations were completed, she met with a developmental pediatrician. I had mixed feelings about the appointment. I was proud of her progress yet fearful that a new problem would be discovered.

In April, Charlie ran the same assessment gauntlet. Charlie was evaluated as having (globally) the developmental skill level of a four to five month old. Her muscle tone was questionable. I left the clinic with that guarded hope that I have previously posted about.

Today, Charlie was amazing.

In her PT and OT assessments in April, she could not sit with support. I was thrilled that at point she learned to roll over. This time she was sitting, grasping, commando crawling, and trying to climb.

At her prior feeding assessment, she choked and dribbled while eating from her bottle. She sucked on the spoon while barely able to handle a few bites of stage one food. During her feeding assessment today, she ate a container of baby food. She used a hand to place and gnaw on a pretzel. While she still has difficulty with solid food, she was willing to try eating.

Most of her skill areas are starting to reach the level of her adjusted age (ten months). However, her speech and feeding are still significantly delayed. Those areas require quite a bit of further work.

At the end of the day, the professionals at the clinic joked with me that I brought back a different baby. Everyone wanted to know what therapies she was involved in and who were her therapists. They are the miracle workers. The improvement Charlie has made is quite remarkable. No one could have predicted that she would have made so much progress.

I know that I was afraid to hope that she would have an appointment like today.


Charlie fell asleep today during lunch in the clinic’s cafeteria.


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